• The Pasco County Sheriff’s Volunteer Jeep Search and Rescue Unit support the Sheriff’s Office. Our main purpose is to provide vehicular support for emergencies in Pasco County and elsewhere in the state, with an emphasis on Search and Rescue, by performing duties related to missing persons, evidence searches, flood and other disaster assistance, when its special team skills are required.
  • The members of this unit supply their own vehicles, specially equipped for searching in on- and off – road environments. The unit maintains a group of qualified, trained and mission- ready volunteers to be on-call and respond to any situation, in any weather, and at any time, when requested by the Sheriff’s Office.

About Us

  • Based on the nature of the Jeep Unit, this is a serious commitment and may sometimes be dangerous. Training is requisite, and will be ongoing, to maintain a Mission readiness state. There are several courses that will be offered for this unit, some that are required and some optional. The first required course is a basic CERT Training Course which will be provided by Pasco County Emergency Operations Center (EOC). FEMA Training is also required, and gives an understanding of Organizational Readiness in the event of an Emergency. All other course training will depend on the individual’s degree of commitment and willingness to attend training. Course format will be classroom, as well as online, and will require your attendance and dedication. Our lives and the lives of our local citizens will depend on your ability to safely do what is expected of you.
  • Some training will simulate arriving at locations to search on foot and will include rescue and/or recovery tactics. Due to the vehicles off road capabilities, time will be spent out on various terrains and will include searching from within the vehicle. We will be partnering with Pasco County Fire & Rescue and Pasco County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to further specialize our training in order to help those in need return to their families and homes. This unit may also be called upon to transport government employees to remote locations.
  • Please know that as a member you will be expected to answer the call to participate in a number of ways. This may include training with your team in live activation training scenarios, public service events, community awareness campaigns, fundraisers, or other events identified by the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. If you cannot make that level of commitment, we completely understand and you may be interested in volunteering with the Pasco County CERT Team.
  • The Pasco Sheriff’s Jeep Unit will be working alongside government agencies during emergencies. In order for them to see us as an asset instead of a liability; we MUST and WILL maintain a high degree of professionalism and conduct ourselves accordingly when wearing our uniform.
  • We sincerely hope you are interested in joining the Pasco Sheriff’s Office team as a part of our Volunteer Jeep Unit. We admire and commend you for your dedication. By volunteering with this unit, you are accepting the responsibility and commitment to this unit and to making us proud!