The Pasco Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit is of vital importance. Our K-9’s risk their lives daily without asking anything in return. They serve and protect our deputies and our citizens with loyalty and humility. Their only reward is playtime with their favorite tug toys and the loving care they are given by their partners. But, the tasks we ask of them are great and require expert training.

Our K9’s:

  • track and rescue missing and abducted individuals
  • track and apprehend dangerous criminals
  • work on patrol with their deputy partners
  • conduct vehicle searches for drugs and other contraband items
  • detect bombs and other dangerous explosives
  • assist with warrant sweeps
  • assist the SWAT team as necessary

Sustaining our K-9’s, both active and retired, requires the funds to train and equip them, as well as provide the high level of care and maintenance they deserve.

YOU can make a difference in the lives of our K-9’s. Show our K-9’s you appreciate the loyal service they have willingly undertaken to protect YOU.