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Pasco Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit is one of the largest and most diversely skilled K-9 units in Florida. It’s comprised of multiple handler and K-9 teams, all serving a specific purpose. These teams have a variety of skills, including tracking missing people, finding drugs, explosives or accelerants, locating human remains and providing comfort for those in crisis. K-9s are vital to PSO, as they can perform tasks that humans cannot or that would take significant manpower and time to achieve the same result.

Each K-9 is selected for their handler based on drive, personality and home life compatibility, as all of PSO’s K-9s live at the handler’s home as part of their family. Most K-9s and their handlers undergo over 400 hours of training before becoming a certified team. They continue to train weekly to ensure they remain at the top of their skillset. All of PSO’s K-9s serve the citizens of Pasco with eagerness and enthusiasm, and only ask for a toy and praise as their rewards.

K-9s require significant funds for care, equipment and training. The money to purchase, train and equip all of PSO’s K-9s comes from donations from businesses, community groups and citizens. None of the money for PSO’s K-9s comes from taxpayer dollars.

If you’re interested in donating the funds to purchase, train and equip a K-9 for Pasco Sheriff’s Office, please email charities@pascosheriff.org for more information and to begin the process.

Even after a K-9 retires, they still require vet care and maintenance. PSOs K-9s remain with their handlers after retirement, and donations help fund this care for the rest of a K-9’s life.

You can make a difference in the life of K9, who selflessly served the citizens of Pasco County, by donating here today! 

Meet The K-9s

K9 Benco1
K9 Blake
K9 Boomer
K9 Buzz
K9 Chaos
K9 Cooper
K9 Crews
K9 Diesel
K9 Drake
K9 Dream
K9 Flash
K9 Gamble
K9 Harley
K9 Hemi
K9 Hero
K9 Hondo
K9 Honor
K9 Hunter
K9 Indy
K9 JoJo
K9 Joker
K9 Karma
K9 Knox
K9 Luca
K9 Maddie
K9 Maus
K9 Nate
K9 Phi
K9 Ranger
K9 Ripp
K9 Scout
K9 Shelby
K9 Simon
K9 Smitty
K9 Spinner
K9 Star
K9 Tacoma
K9 Trinity
K9 Woodie
K9 Yager
K9 Yogi

Retired K-9s

Thank you to these K-9s that have faithfully served Pasco County. K-9s live with their handlers as pets upon retirement. They are provided with medical care and more for the rest of their lives, free of charge to the handler, thanks to generous community donations. Pasco Sheriff K-9 Association is grateful for each of these K-9s’ dedicated and selfless service to the citizens of Pasco County.

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