Pasco Sheriff Charities supports many PSO organizations that provide a variety of assistance to PSO members. These volunteer units assist with community events, search and rescue missions, and represent PSO proudly at events throughout Pasco County. Pasco Sheriff Charities donations help provide these units with uniforms, specialized training, equipment and more each year.

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PSO Explorer Post 916

PSO Explorer Post 916’s purpose is to provide a well-rounded program for teenagers and young adults (age 14-21) to build important life skills while providing volunteer opportunities and camaraderie. While focused on law enforcement aspects as a central theme, Explorer Post 916 is a perfect opportunity for young citizens to build skills that will carry them through any path in the future.

Explorer Post 916 provides young citizens insight into law enforcement operations and opportunities to build a variety of important life skills. A myriad of trainings is included, and there are opportunities to partake in specialty teams. These trainings build confidence, communication skills and instill a sense of responsibility and accountability in participants. Members have the chance to compete at the state and national level, participate in ride-alongs with PSO deputies, discover the operations of units across PSO, volunteer within their communities and more.

For more information and to join, visit Pasco Explorers today!

Family Support Network

The Family Support Network exists to educate, empower and engage family members of law enforcement. This mission is accomplished by providing support services to spouses, significant others, companions, children and parents of a law enforcement member. Resiliency groups are a resource for members and their families who have experienced trauma and grief. PSO partners with local organization to provide care and support on multiple topics.

Safety Town

Pasco Safety town is a 6.1 acre miniature “town” that features opportunities for Pasco County’s youngest citizens to learn various safety lessons. Children ages 5 to 8 are taught everything from kitchen and bathroom safety to fire safety to bicycle safety by trained volunteers. Safety Town includes buildings, paved streets and sidewalks, signs and working traffic lights to aid in these lessons. These lessons are provided at zero cost to children or their families. Pasco Sheriff Charities donations helps cover operating costs and volunteer training. 

To become a Safety Town volunteer, visit today to fill out a volunteer application.

Jeep Search & Rescue Unit

The Pasco Sheriff’s Volunteer Jeep Search and Rescue Unit supports PSO by providing a force multiplier for emergencies in Pasco County, with an emphasis on search and rescue. The Jeep Unit assist with missing persons cases, evidence searches, flood and other disaster assistance, with all-terrain vehicles perfect for Pasco County’s varied environments.

The members of this unit supply their own vehicles, specially equipped for searching in on- and off-road conditions. PSO provided training and maintains mission-ready volunteers to respond to any situation, in any weather to assist PSO and the citizens of Pasco County. Additionally, the Jeep Unit represents PSO in community events such as parades and community nights. To apply, fill out a volunteer application on today!

Mounted Posse & Jr. Posse

The Pasco Sheriff’s Mounted Posse is a force multiplier for PSO by providing additional support in a variety of missions. From mall patrols and community rides to assisting in search and rescue missions on calls such as missing persons or natural disaster situations, the Mounted Posse provides specialized support to Pasco County. Additionally, they are a welcome presence at community events. Training is provided to members and there are opportunities for events throughout the year. While the Mounted Posse is for volunteers ages 18 and older, the Jr. Posse is looking for those ages 14-17.

Don’t have your own horse? The Mounted Posse is always looking for volunteers to assist in other ways. Fill out a volunteer application today at

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